Don’t You Know Who I Am

Reb’s new single Don’t You Know Who I am is out now along with a stunning new video from director Lola Fountain-Best premiered by RNZ Music.

‘Don’t You Know Who I Am’ celebrates the release of Reb Fountain’s new self-titled album released by Flying Nun Records 1 May, 2020. With many many thanks to NZ On Air.❤️

About the song: ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am’ is about who we think we are, who we want to be, who we have become and who we have left behind. It’s a rallying cry to rise up, to unite, to fight the good fight. It’s a call to dig deep, wake up, open your eyes and beat your own drum. It bids you to hold fast, pick yourself up and keep on keeping on.

About the video: Lola and friends were shaving their heads to raise funds in support of Shave For A Cure NZ. We took this as an opportunity to share their experience. Identity is a complex beast and the stories we tell ourselves about who we are give meaning that help us feel whole. But these narratives also interplay with power, with ego and self. We use our sense of self and the meaning we attach to it to feel empowered, to affirm our lack, to conjure might, to abdicate responsibility, to dispose and oppress as much to hold and support. Don’t you know who I am is an opportunity to explore those themes ..and more importantly to experience them within. We suggest everything is within us – not other, not outside – we contain all facets of humanity. It is the lesser road that stigmatises or demonises ‘others’ as capable or incapable of that which we are not. We are all in the same boat – learning how to be – and taking ownership of the full gamut of our possibility – the good and the bad and the grey – actually provides a space to change trajectory rather than be stuck on an unconscious path. This video, in keeping with the song, creates an opportunity to experience a glimpse of what shedding one aspect of one’s identity might feel like, might look like, and what new meanings and connotations might emerge from such an act.

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