Hawks & Doves – Tali Remix

Reb Fountain and Tali have teamed up for a remix of Reb’s 2020 tune, ‘Hawks & Doves’, from Reb’s 2020 self-titled Flying Nun debut.

Hawks & Doves is the opening track on Reb’s acclaimed album; the gateway into her self-titled record that captivated the nation. Hawks & Doves – Tali Remix accentuates Reb’s songwriting prowess by adding lush harmonies to repeating themes and incorporating swirling undercurrents of mood and texture that reimagine Hawks & Doves amidst the winds of change. Brooding beats, melodic bass lines and oscillating synths ebb and flow like echoes. The result is a mesmerising collaboration between two of Aotearoa’s finest female musicians. Distinctive artists in their own right, Tali and Reb are a combined force to be reckoned with.

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