IRIS NZ Tour Rescheduled

We’re in this together folks.

I LOVE live music; performing, the mosh pits, the eclectic venues, the camaraderie, the transformative experience WE share when we come together. The band and I can’t wait to bring IRIS to you all – in order to do that large events have to be viable and your safety and wellbeing has got to be at the fore . . . so we’re moving our album release tour to February 2022. All tickets will remain valid and the good news is further seats have opened up so don’t despair it’s not sold out quite yet. I love you and miss you and am so looking forward to seeing you there

this is how we make it out alive

x r


IRIS album release tour 2022

10th February – Wellington Opera House

18th February – The Civic

24th February – Isaac Theatre Royal

25th February – The Glenroy Auditorium

I don’t want you to miss out on live entertainment. But more importantly I want you and your loved ones to live. You will most likely need to be vaccinated to be part of the audience for these shows so please for the sake of yourselves and one another #vaxforlive.

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